Definition of the Programme:


The "Mubdia'h Programme" was established pursuant to the By-Law No. 6, Session 39/2005, issued by the Executive Council at its session held on 29/09/2005 and pertinent to allowing women nationals to practise some business activities from home via:

  1. Continuing to use the home as a residential unit in the first place.
  2. Non-prejudice to the rights of all inhabitants in society to lead a quiet sort of life in residential districts.
  3. Licensing certain business activities whose operational nature conforms to the specifications relevant to a residential setting.

Rational Behind the Mubdi'ah Programme


  1. Regulating women nationals' practice of trading activities via home in a legal manner.
  2. Creating a mechanism that would help women citizens, who are practising business activities via home, turn into engaging in outdoors businesses.
  3. Disseminating awareness of the right way through which a number of female categories can manage to be involved in commercial business via home in order for them to improve their financial status. Examples of such categories are:
  • Working families.
  • Divorcees.
  • Widows.
  • Female graduates.
  • Housewives.