Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council organizes a workshop for the Best Idea Award for a creative and innovative project

The Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council (ADWC) organized a workshop on Tuesday for the Best Idea for Creative and Innovative Project 2018 at the Chamber's headquarters.
"This award comes within the framework of the five-year strategic plan for the Abu Dhabi Business Women's Council 2015-2019 to achieve women's outstanding participation in entrepreneurship and the promotion of a culture of creativity and innovation. It coincides with the activities of the National Entrepreneurship Campaign," said Mrs. Shafiqa Al Ameri, CEO of Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council.
Shafeeq Al Ameri added that the award works to motivate and support business leaders and creative entrepreneurs from university graduates, higher institutes and business leaders to share new ideas and projects. It also supports the ideas of winning projects to enter the market by providing services, training, information and incubation of ideas to transform them into real and competitive projects. In the market.
The objectives of the award were to encourage and stimulate investment in creative and innovative projects and to promote the culture of entrepreneurship among women, to encourage the spirit of competition, creativity and innovation among female entrepreneurs, university students and higher institutes, to support creative and innovative project ideas to transform them into viable projects on the ground by providing support Technical and administrative proposal and possible solutions for implementation, assistance the ability to identify project ideas, the ability to identify and clarify the idea, prepare the business plan and embrace the winning projects in the integrated and innovative business incubator, and encourage women entrepreneurs to develop their skills and skills through training and qualification in the field of entrepreneurship.