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ADBWC's Strategic​​ Five Year Plan

  • 2020
  • 2024
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An Outline of the ADBWC’s Strategic FiveYear Plan 2020-2024

ADBWC’s Strategic Objectives 2020-2024


Expanding women participation in economic development through entrepreneurship.

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Women active participation in the labour market through entrepreneurship in accordance with the latest updates and best practices.

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Expanding the support of women working from home to ensure their integration into the Emirate's local economy.

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1 st

Strategic Objective

Expanding women participation in economic development through entrepreneurship.

  • Raising women's awareness to turn to entrepreneurship as a professional path and for active participation in economic development.
  • Increasing opportunities for women to participate in entrepreneurship through training, qualification, consultancy and incubation of start-ups in accordance with the latest developments and best practices.
  • Economic Empowerment Club It aims at developing the systems of economic empowerment services and girls wishing to establish their own projects with the skills needed for entrepreneurship. This includes a series of training services to develop women's personal, knowledge, technical and digital skills so that they can establish their projects as per the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Besides, they can enhance their capabilities starting from the development of the project idea and feasibility study to establish their projects as per the requirements of competitiveness in the labor market across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and provide them with the necessary technical consultation.
  • Expanding women's entrepreneurship campaigns as a professional path Aims at: Expansion in skills, knowledge and categories with a focus on the young students and non-working to motivate them to join the entrepreneurship path as a career path by spreading awareness among women about the importance of women's participation in entrepreneurship and its impact on sustainable economic development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also aims at introducing them to the latest and requirements of innovative entrepreneurship in the Emirate, and opportunities and investment areas in line with the future trends of entrepreneurship in the Emirate as well as investment opportunities as per the trends of future entrepreneurship look ahead.
  • Activating and expanding the integrated and innovative business incubatorThe initiative aims at : Increasing the efficiency of integrated and innovative businesses by expanding skills, target groups and incubator utilization criteria, and expanding partnerships with entrepreneurs and linking them to the training, qualification, consultation and marketing services provided by the Businesswomen Council and relationship partners.
  • Creative Innovative Project’s Best Idea The idea of the award is to: Encourage investment in creative projects and promote woman entrepreneurship culture. It also aims to stimulate the spirit of competition, creativity and innovation among women entrepreneurs, university students and higher institutes. Besides, it will support innovative project ideas to transform them into reality by providing technical and administrative support, proposing possible solutions for implementation, helping to gain the ability to select project ideas, the ability to identify and clarify the idea, prepare the business plan and embrace winning projects in an integrated and innovative business incubator. It will also encourage women entrepreneurs to develop their abilities and skills through qualification and entrepreneurship training.
  • Her Highness Sheikhah Fatima Bint Mubarak’s Award for Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • An innovative entrepreneurship club which aims at raising awareness about a culture of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship, as well as at encouraging women to generate creative ideas which are to be developed, implemented and followed up.
  • Conducting an extensive study in the field of innovation on entrepreneurship and making use of relevant findings and recommendations in upgrading the services being delivered by the ADBWC.
  • Conducting a survey on the realistic situation of businesswomen, entrepreneurs and female workers in the private sector and identifying their needs and pinpointing the challenges being faced by them with an aim of developing policies and services which would help their businesses be sustainable and viable.
  • Setting up an accurately comprehensive on-line database about businesswomen who are engaged in commercial activities in the private sector and about career ladies in the private sector’s companies and businesses.
  • Programme on certified entrepreneurship licence for training businesswomen, female entrepreneurs and workers as part of domestic licences on developing and keeping their businesses’ sustainability and viability.
  • Preparing the national strategy on women’s economic empowerment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in partnership with public and private organizations.
  • Setting up the integrated and innovative business incubators.

2 nd

Strategic Objective

Women active participation in the labour market through entrepreneurship in accordance with the latest updates and best practices.

  • Raising businesswomen competitiveness in accordance with global updates by looking ahead to the future of entrepreneurship and keeping up with its developments and taking advantage of legislative, technical and innovative facilities.
  • Increasing opportunities for businesswomen to grow in the labor market, enhance opportunities for partnerships and exchange of experiences between businesswomen locally, regionally and globally to enhance productivity and quality.
  • Activating the system of partnerships locally, regionally and internationally It aims to activate the current strategic partnership systems through meetings and mutual visits for identifying the latest legislative developments and initiatives at the local level and developments in the field of entrepreneurship locally and globally. This can be realised through exchanging experiences and activating areas of cooperation to enhance their opportunities for growth in the labor market in accordance with global developments in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Expanding participation in entrepreneurship meetings and conferences. The initiative aims at: Expanding the participation of women entrepreneurs in all events and conferences that enhance the opportunities for businesswomen to learn about global development updates in entrepreneurial strategies that contribute to increasing productivity and promoting product quality, marketing technologies and future industrial sectors. It will also open opportunities to develop the relationships between businesswomen in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and their local, regional and global counterparts and support networking to build partnerships among businesswomen, exchange experiences, learn about local legislative developments and initiatives and developments in the field of entrepreneurship. Besides, it helps women establish new and effective partnerships that contribute to strengthening efforts that empower businesswomen.

3 rd

Strategic Objective

Expanding the support of women working from home to ensure their integration into the Emirate's local economy

  • Increasing the ability of women working under domestic licenses to develop and maintain their businesses.
  • Increasing marketing opportunities for home licensing products to enhance their business growth opportunities.
  • Expanding the support for domestic license owners It aims at: Providing supporting programmes to help build women capabilities within domestic licenses, enabling them to acquire professional and technological business skills, following up women in domestic licenses and empowering them to adopt a developmental and sustainable business plan.
  • Expanding marketing outlets for marketing domestic license products It aims at: Expanding the scope of exhibitions organised to facilitate marketing processes for domestic license women working from home.