Trading Activities​

1Calligraphic and drawing shop - Mubdi’ah
2Handicrafts and hand-made environmental pieces - Mubdi’ah
3Interior design (decoration) works- Mubdi’ah
4Knitting and embroidery
5Typewriting and photocopying services - Mubdi’ah
6Retail of coffee beans - Mubdi’ah
7Retail of spices, condiments and items of spice business -Mubdi’ah
8Retail of dates - Mubdi’ah
9Retail of oud, incense and nutmeg - Mubdi’ah
10Retail of cosmetics and relevant accessories - Mubdi’ah
11Ladies’ beauty and personal care centre - Mubdi’ah
12Parties and entertainment events’ providers - Mubdi’ah
13Dressmaking and tailoring - Mubdi’ah
14Arrangement of natural and artificial flowers - Mubdi’ah
15Henna patterns - Mubdi’ah
16Training on works of beauty salons - Mubdi’ah
17Retail of Arab apparel and garments - Mubdi’ah
18Social consultancy - Mubdi’ah
19Legal translation services - Mubdi’ah
20Retail of perfumes - Mubdi’ah
21Women’s ready-made garments’ business