Program Objectives​​

The programme is intended to:

1Support and back up female national’s ideas and initiatives for investing in private businesses.
2Provide action mechanisms which enhance the windows of success for women nationals, e.g. training, marketing and technical support.
3Bring to bear the women-national’s contribution to activities of the economic sector, as well as to business and trade fields through giving them a favourable chance to engage properly in commercial activities.
4Regulate the process of practising the commercial activities via home in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
5Open up new areas and roles for female citizens, urging them to be creative and to develop their capabilities.

Benefits of Mubdi'ah Licence

1A woman-applicant for registration with the Mubdi’ah Programme shall have a 50% discount to be knocked off from fees levied by the Abu Dhabi Chamber on business activities.
2Facilitation of procedures related to obtaining the licence.
3Mubdi'ah Programme's women members shall have a membership to the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council (ADBWC).
4An Emaratiya Card shall be granted to women applicants who shall enjoy all advantages associated with the Card.
5Women applicants shall be given chances of participating in exhibitions and conferences organized by the ADBWC.
6The woman-applicant shall be given the chance to attend meetings with businesswomen and their counterparts from abroad for the purpose of exchanging expertise and business opportunities.​​
7The woman shall be given the chance of participating in training and development courses to be organized by both the Abu Dhabi Chamber and the ADBWC.
8Mubdi’ah products shall be promoted by means of:

The ADBWC’s website​
Businesswomen Directory
Various exhibitions and events