Issuing Mubdiah License​

1. Mubdia'h licence may be granted to those ladies who have not been previously licensed by any licensor based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to exercise any commercial, professional, vocational or industrial activity.

2. It shall not be permissible to any woman national to engage from home in any activity with a profit-making nature unless a prior licence for practising the domestic business activity has been obtained from the licensing authorities and the same shall be under legal and administrative accountability.

3. No work (labour hiring / outsourcing) permits shall be issued and it shall be prohibited for any other non-women-nationals parties to assume a direct role in the activities related to the licence with the exception of those mainly employed at home whose role must be of a temporary nature and in an intermittent manner. Such parties should not have any relationship whatsoever to the licensed activity and women licensees shall be held administratively and legally responsible for ensuring the same. 

4. The licence shall not be let to third parties.

5. It shall not be permissible for practising the licensed activity to result in any emission of heat, glow, noise, odour, light, dust, vibration, flame or smoke, nor shall it be allowed for the same to interfere with the electric current or with radio, television or telephone waves or be a cause of assemblies or crowds of people or to any other matters that would curb the ability of any other person to enjoy his place of residence in anyway whatsoever. 

6. A woman licensee shall be committed to maintain public health and order and not to cause any increase in wastes within the perimeter of a residential area. 

7. A woman licensee shall be bound to work during the working hours. Likewise, it shall not be permitted for household activities to cause an over-increase in vehicular traffic or to result in any inconvenience to local residents or to restrict their ability to enjoy their normal course of life. 

8. It shall not be permissible for vehicles used for business purposes to be parked at night opposite houses in a way contrary to the overall lay-out of residential quarters. Furthermore, a woman licensee shall be subject to the condition that her licensed activity should not be a cause to overburdening local public parking lots. 

9. Retail sale from home shall be prohibited. 

10. It shall be impermissible to fix any placards or promotional hoardings onto the home or outer walls thereof. Nevertheless, it shall only be allowed to place one placard at the home entrance showing the name of licence and including (the licence number + activity + the phrase "Mubdia'h Programme"), provided that the relevant area should not exceed two square feet. The placard should be flat, shall not be illuminated; nor shall it be permitted to fix flags or banderoles. 

11. Goods, equipment or machines shall not be stored outside the interior walls of the home; nor shall any poisonous, hazardous, banned, inflammable or any other substances that may be conducive to threatening public health. It shall also be prohibited to enclose or impound animals the existence thereof or giving reins thereto may cause disturbance to local residents or pose a threat to the residential nature of a district. 

12. It shall be prohibited to place anything whatsoever that may be indicative or suggestive of using the home for doing business or of exploiting the same for non-residential purposes (with the exception of placards), including banning laying any products or “exhibited articles on windows or walls” with the intention of drawing attention of passers-by or of rolling up to purchase. In the event of fixing any such items inside the home, it shall be conditional on categorical denial of relevant exposure to exterior view.  

13. The Department of Planning and Economy in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain ─ shall have the right to take all procedures and arrangements deemed appropriate at their discretion, including conducting inspection visits to verify the proper use of licences, compliance on the part of women licensees with all laws pertaining to such a type of licences and their non-objection to the pogramme of inspection visits, provided that a relevant approval by the concerned Municipality parties besides a pertinent permission by the home dewellers be secured beforehand. 

14. The licence shall be confined to a single type of activity and no more than one single licence may be issued for one and the same woman national.