Award For The Creative Innovative Project's Best Idea


This Award comes within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council (ADBWC)'s Strategic Five-Year Plan (2015 - 2019) in order to both achieve women's notable participation in entrepreneurship and enhance a culture of creativity and innovation. Moreover, it is concurrent with activities and events of the 3rd National Campaign on Entrepreneurship 2017 under the motto: "Our Social Responsibility in the Service of the Community".

It also helps motivate and back up female entrepreneurs, and owners of creative and innovative projects, including graduates of universities and higher institutes and female entrepreneurs to participate with new ideas and projects, while supporting the ideas of winning enterprises so that they can have access to the market by means of providing services, training, information and incubating ideas for purposes of transforming them into genuine and competitive ventures on the market.

Concept and Objectives

  • Encouraging and motivating investment in creative and innovative enterprises, while enhancing a culture of women's entrepreneurship
  • Urging the spirit of female entrepreneurs' and university and higher-institutes students' competition, creativity and innovation
  • Supporting ideas for creative innovative projects so as to change them into executable ones on the ground through both providing technical and administrative support and suggesting possible solutions to execution
  • Helping gain the ability to select projects' ideas and to both de ne and explain the idea, while developing an action plan and embracing winning projects in the Integrated Innovative Business Incubator
  • Encouraging those who have ideas to upgrade their aptitudes and skills through development and training in the eld of entrepreneurship.

Award's Traget Categories

Female entrepreneurs
Women-owners of Mubdi'ah projects
Female university, institute and college students
Female applicants for Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED)
Women in general
  • Applicant/applicants should be UAE national(s).
  • Registering into the Award and completing the entire required procedures.
  • The idea should be submitted both in writing and in a detailed clear manner.
  • The idea should be creative or innovative, feasible, economically bene cial and applicable.
  • Female owner of a Bright Idea
  • Female owner of a Tangible Innovation
  • Innovation in elds of computer programmes andsmartphone and communication applications
  • The best booster for social responsibility