Award For The Creative Innovative Project's Best Idea​


This award is part of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council strategic plan 2020-2024 in order to realise the women’s distinct participation in entrepreneurship and to enhance creativity and innovation

The award stimulates and supports creative high institutes and university graduates and entrepreneurs to create new ideas and projects and to support the ideas of the winning projects to enter into the market by affording services, training, information, idea incubator to transfer them into real projects and to compete in the market.

Idea & Objectives:

  • Encouraging and stimulating investment in innovative projects and promoting women's entrepreneurship culture.
  • To stimulate the spirit of competition, creativity and innovation among women entrepreneurs and students of universities and higher institutes.
  • Supporting innovative project ideas to turn them into executable real projects through providing technical and administrative support and proposing possible solutions for implementation.
  • Help gain the ability to choose project ideas, the ability to identify and clarify the idea, prepare the business plan and embrace the winning projects in the integrated and innovative business incubator.
  • Encourage women entrepreneurs to develop their abilities and skills through qualification and entrepreneurship training.
  • Support for growth and competitiveness, in the aspects of proper planning and preparation of these ideas and projects by adopting a globally tried business model by projects/institutions renowned for excellence and success.
  • The Abu Dhabi Chamber therefore presents this practical program through practical courses and workshops to enable participants to prepare and plan their projects, in addition to conducting evaluations and submitting evaluation reports to contribute to improving various aspects of the business model and thus appreciating outstanding ideas and projects.

Categories of individual ideas:

  • Women entrepreneurs.
  • Owners of new and innovative business ideas and initiatives.

Group ideas categories:

  • Ideas for the award can be presented through groups of up to 5 women per group. The same conditions and criteria for evaluation apply to them.
  • Each woman on the team may apply for the award individually.

Outstanding entrepreneur category:

  • Ideas for the award can only be presented to the winners of the previous editions of the award where the same conditions and criteria of evaluation apply.
    • Entrepreneurship by transforming creative ideas into integrated business models.
    • Enhancing competitiveness by reshaping and applying the business model successfully.
    • Originating innovation in all aspects of work leading to sustainable growth.
    • Female owner of a Bright Idea
    • Female owner of a Tangible Innovation
    • Innovation in elds of computer programmes andsmartphone and communication applications
    • The best booster for social responsibility

    Award's Traget Categories

    Community responsibility
    Business continuity
    Renewable energy
    Health and safety
    And other development areas.....

    How to participate:

    • Register with the Award Office through the award's electronic system.
    • Attend seminars on the award criteria.
    • Attend the workshops for participants to fill out the nomination form.
    • Fill out the application on time.
    • The Award Office has the right to exclude any application without giving any reasons


    • The application is filled out in Arabic or English.
    • The application is filled out on the prize portal with any attachments to be added electronically
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