Consultancy Service

Consultancy service provided by the ADBWC is represented in consultations of various fields and delivered in a scientifically professional manner which is regulated and rendered by an elite of specialists in accordance with the service's type and classification.

This service is intended to:

  • Support the stability of businesswomen and female entrepreneurs in the private sector and contribute to the sustainability of their businesses
  • Be instrumental in upgrading existing projects which are owned by businesswomen and female entrepreneurs
  • Help develop projects as part of (Mubdi'ah) domestic licences and enable them to be integrated into the private sector
  • Review feasibility studies for new businesses
  • Contribute to raising awareness about business activities-regulating laws and legislations in the private sector

Locations for Obtaining the Service

  • Legal consultancy
  • Financial consultancy
  • Consultancy on economic feasibility studies
  • Consultancy for streamlining the existing businesses
  • Consultancy on incubating businesses within the integrated innovative business incubator
  • Consultancy on innovation and creativity in the field of business
  • 45-minute-long office consultancy by means of setting prior appointments in coordination with the ADBWC's Office.
  • 30-minute-long telephone consultancy which is fulfilled through reserving an appointment in advance with the ADBWC's Office.
  • Electronic consultancy via the consultancy service-specific e-mail.